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: incorporate state law provisions governing community college and board of education candidates; change deadlines for withdrawal of candidacy and candidate qualification statements; change the public inspection period for candidate materials; change requirements for petition circulator badges; delete the requirement that a disclaimer appear before board of supervisors' arguments in the voter information pamphlet; incorporate state law provisions governing signatures in lieu of filing fees; reinstate candidate filing fee provisions; and make other technical amendments. >> mr. chair, is this the amended proposed amended resolution that was just handed to us, not the one that we have in our possession, correct? >> that is correct. >> okay. >> and i can explain further, supervisor breed. >> thank you. >> please do. >> thank you. thank you very much, chair yee. andrew shen, deputy city attorney. good afternoon again. at the request of the director of elections, there are a few minor amendments and what i just distributed to the committee, just to highlight them to you, i've actually colored
the timing of these changes in the forecast in just a few minutes. >>> in less than an hour parents and educators are planning a protest called think before you pink. it's happening at tonight's school board meeting in santa clara. bottom line, they don't want any teachers to lose their jauobs. the state deadline for pink slips is coming up. the board has money and should be focusing on class size, music, library hours and raises for educators instead of layoffs. the rally is scheduled to start at 6:00 this evening at the district office. nbc bay area's george katayama is there and will have a live report at 6:00. >>> a new proposal could call the deer don train station into san jose -- in san jose into silicon valley's version of times square. the city wants to transform the area into a central entertainment district. the plans include room for a new stadium for the a's, thousands of new residential units and nearly five million square feet of new office space. the plan would also add a b.a.r.t. extension and bullet train hub. they plan to draft an environmental impact report this
that in washington tonight. do relations with america change? >> it was a surprise to hear jesse jackson praying and then he asked got to build bridges between the states and venezuela. the states are the only ones who pay cash for 3,000 barrels. the others are interchanged with china, russia and places in the caribbean. there's a hate and love relation. whenever it's going to be better then the government says that the yankees cater to chavez and they fire our assistant to chavez here. but i think his successor must be more conciliatory. i think the surprise was jesse jackson and maybe he was surprised that someone asked for better relations with the states. they were helping a lot on establishing relations. >> you mentioned the oil and, of course, america is the biggest importer of venezuelan oil. it has to have good relations with this country but it is looking for an alternative to this system of government. do you think now the opposition in venezuela could have success? >> it would be very difficult. the emotion on chavez, the sentiment and the government controls all the power. there's no
, and this is our opportunity to do it. mr. chairman, you have worked with me on your bill making many changes at my request. they have made the bill better and reduced the negative side effects of previous versions. i trust you think so as well because you have included the changes in the new bill. the new bill in your substitute amendment also included a revised bill by senators gillibrand and kirk on the subject of gun trafficking. those revisions also reflect changes that i asked senator gillibrand to make, and i think it would be worthwhile to outline all the changes that have been made to the bill since they were first introduced. i think they demonstrate good faith of the chairman and senator gillibrand. for instance, senator gillibrand's bill originally would have made it a federal crime to transfer two or more guns if that person knew that the result would be a violation of state or local law. that would have given states and localities a one-way incentive to address new gun control measures and force the cost of prosecution and incarceration on the federal government. it also would have cr
and all of the thrashing in the world can't change that his vital functions have shutting down and he will cease to exist as a human being. greg? >> wow. that was thorough. >> it gets more involved each time. >> i would call it fan fiction, but it is more like anti-fan fiction. >> it is the opposite of slash fiction. >> do you though there is a police officer in new york arrested for writing such things. >> is that right? >> yes. >> well, that police officer is not me. >> that is true. >> i like the new set, by the way. >> it is permanent. it will be from now on, viewers at home. >> fantastic. >> go away. let's welcome our guest. she spends all of her time getting dangerous men off. i am here tonight with criminal defense attorney remi spencer. and he is so sharp he is not uh you loued near -- he is not allowed near -- he is not allowed near he mow fill yaks. in stockholm he is a syndrome, bill schulz. and i would stick my head inside of him for safety reasons he is the editor-in-chief. that's a copyright there. >> a block. the lede. and now the longest hour in television. >> must the
. the substitute also incorporates a number of changes, the result of suggestions from senator grassley and his staff. we have been working on this since january. tried to be responsive to the ranking member's concerns and suggestions, and have reached across the aisle to other senators. as an a.t.f. whistleblower, senator grassley has been the lead senator in whistleblower legislation, was an a.t.f. whistleblower, who testified last congress that the existing laws are toothless and they can't help law enforcement, and that's why law enforcement consistently has called for firearms trafficking statute that can be effective and go after straw purchasers. we need now is to create better law enforcement tools. and i think this will -- the senators can join together on this will close a very dangerous loophole in the law that mexican drug cartels and gangs and other criminals have exploited for too long. stop illegal trafficking. the firearms act is important. this week the "usa today" ran a front page story about a study that estimates gun violence costs americans $12 billion, $12 billion a year.
). >> but it will change, yes, of course if you do that. >> (inaudible). >> well, -- (speaking spanish). >> (speaking spanish). >> it's a type of plywood, so this one in particular -- yeah. >> (speaking spanish). >> (inaudible). >> (speaking spanish). >> in the language it's called dulo. >> (speaking spanish). >> yes? >> (inaudible). >> (speaking spanish). >> yeah. >> (speaking spanish). >> (laughter). >> yes. >> (inaudible). >> in the 16th century, about 1500. yeah. >> (inaudible). >> no. no, no, just you have to leave this room thinking we did not kill anybody for that. yes, you had a question? >> (inaudible). >> yeah. well, yes, there are -- in cities like the northern part and lima there are certain districts like -- certain ones and the capital and to the south of lima the district there and to the south almost border to chile there is a community that is unknown that we are doing research right now on it. yes, the value there and with chile and all of that area. yes? >> (inaudible). >> no -- you know what it is. it's a rubber stamp of the tube that is heating it. you can -- >> (in
are just not compatible. we've made a lot of recommendations about what, changing the culture. that was left for nasa to do at their own pace. ra remain committed that they are just as important as the return to flight recommendations and as a matter of principle for the future of designing any spacecraft that the principles are applicable this you cannot allow the guy that is responsible for the scheduled cost and payload to trade engineering safety insurance you just cannot run a risky enterprise not just shovels that anybody so that's all i'm going to say. that is kind of up in the clouds of where we were and then we shredded it down to writing specifics so people could understand and take actions on. we don't want to write something that was so generic you can use it. but we had overarching philosophical viewpoint that for example the management of the space shuttle program was so inappropriate that if you didn't lose the shuttle next week he would lose it next month. the program was incapable of managing a risky enterprise and so then we shredded it down to other things.
. let me talk about news first quickly, hugo chavez. what impact will his death and whatever changes are met take place in venezuela mean for the oil industry? >> well, it's very early to tell, obviously. he has just now passed away, and under their constitution the costs for them to hold elections within 30 days because he never stood for an-- and until we see the outcome of that election and in particular we see how organized the opposition parties may be able to get themselves together for the election. it's going to be hard to tell what the immediate affect will be. and whether his successor chooses to carry on his programs and in particular the focus of his programs and the alliances that he established, or whether they choose to broaden out their perspectives. and i think at this stage it is very difficult to tell what the successor may choose to do. >> he nationalized the oil industry in venezuela. >> well, he, they always had a national oil company. when he took over he did narrow the scope of the holdings of international oil companies, changed the contracts. and invited us
21065, legislation changing the planning code to create the polk street alcohol use and tobacco paraphernalia restrictions. and to discuss that, supervisor chiu's office. >> good evening, commissioners. >> thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to come here and talk to you about our legislation, my name is any, chan i am a david khao*u. >> the lower polk street corridor which is in the supervisor's district spans from fer elstreet to polk street and it has a lot of great night life, but we have heard that have been quality of life issues in the corridor because of a saturation of liquor, establishments and in this section of lower polk street. the planning department has provided us data about exactly how many liquor licenses exist in this span of 6th streets and the side streets, there are about 45 existing alcohol permits in the 6-block region. and if we also include middle polk street. which goes up to fillbert street and we are laobing at a total of 121 liquor licenses. and so we do what we have heard from the neighborhood and, what we do feel is that we have rece
very highly of that lion. >> paul, does this change the way you view these animals? >> no. not at all. in fact, it makes me view them with more love and interest than ever before because i will always think of her now whenever i see a lion or a tiger or a big cat, because these were the loves of her life. and i will think of her every single time now i see one of those. and how much she would have enjoyed being there and working with them. no, it doesn't change anything. >> listen, i appreciate both of you taking the time to let everybody get to know her better and get to know her passions and what she loved and died doing what she loved. paul, thank you, and paul ryan, i wish you peace and strength in the days ahead. >> thank you. >> thanks for letting us tell her story to you. >> fatal attacks like this aren't common, but they happen. 25 people have been killed by big cats in the last five years. jack hanna joins me now. as we heard ted rowlands report, this animal got into an area that was supposed to be secure. i just want to show our viewers the large enclosure where dianna was a
, however, of the vatican's traditional reluctance to change. >> ideas that challenge the norm are considered an attack on the church and its teachings usually. this is not an attack. it is just about thinking differently. >> that way of thinking was harshly criticized by the pope during his visits to spain. the spanish government's implementation of sweeping reforms to civil society has been a major source of irritation to the vatican. in 2005, spain became the third country in europe to allow homosexuals to marry and adopt children, a development that jesus is particularly proud of. as a gay man and devout catholic, the words of the pope were deeply hurtful. >> we are people who have rights, and we have to insist on them. we do not need the pope preaching to us in spain about our decisions. >> there are two sides to contemporary spain -- liberal and conservative. the latter includes a special on of the catholic church founded in madrid in the 1920's -- special arm of the catholic church. it has substantial influence at the many schools that its members run. the statements of
supports the latest u.n. sanction. james tengan is in beijing covering our series china, change and challenge. james, how is the story on the korean peninsula playing occupant there? >> reporter: yes, gene. li keqiang and xi jinping are expected to be confirmed as vice premier and president at next week's national people congress. chinese government officials are trying to show they are doing what they can to keep the peace. a foreign ministry spokesperson appealed to leaders in north and south korea to let cooler heads >>> china is north korea's biggest ally but it too supports the latest u.n. sanction. the country is in the process of a leadership transition. james tengan is in beijing covering developments as part of our series, "china, change and challenge." james, how is the story on the korean peninsula playing out there? >> reporter: yes, gene. xi jinping and li keqiang are expected to be confirmed as china's president and vice premier next week at the national people's congress. it looks like the situation on the korean peninsula will be their first major foreign policy
an entire area and really documenting out all the changes that are planned up to thirty years out and really addressing it bit by bit. this is the first time we've done something like that isn't it? >> i'd like to point to a study that looked san francisco state and looked potential for what is the shopping center. what's interested about that the san francisco master plan we're tracking them and taking the 19 accounting corridor study and interesting san francisco state as that on yes, i do up $30,000 just to show how interested they were. when they think they're actually getting the transportation planning before their needing it they're interested in writing a check. this is not just one project by one project but all 3. >> i really do understand how for this will be for the velocities to have this demonstrate define ahead of time before they even break ground. could you just touch briefly what the benefit is to the people who don't see as much in the development as they're worried about accident effects that that development is bringing and this is really helping us to get ahead though
pleaded not guilty to the charge this morning. bill clinton is having a change of heart about the defense of marriage act that he signed 17 years ago. he now wants the u.s. supreme court to overturn the law that defines marriage as only between a man and a woman. clinton wrote in this "washington post" editorial saying, quote, on march 27th, doma will come before the u.s. supreme court and the justices must decide whether it is consistent with the principles of a nation that honors freedom, equality and justice above all and is therefore constitutional. as the president who signed the act into law, i believe -- i have come to believe that doma is contrary to the principles and in fact, incompatible with our constitution. senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin joining me now from new york. clinton said that 1996 was a very different time. so how influential will the former president's words be when the justices take this up? >> well, it's really in a remarkable just event in american history to have a president of the united states say that a bill he signed was unconstitutional. i can't think
>> dana: i am going -- >> greg: i am changing my one more thing. we found out that andrea tantaros has a new radio show in january. debuted at number seven in the country. congratulations to andrea. she is well deserved. there are people in front of her that i think would not be, it wouldn't a great loss. >> greg: how nice of you? are you suggesting that could be killed? >> bob: you could do it that way. >> andrea: don't do anything rash. >> bob: i was one of the first guest on your show, right? >> andrea: the first guest. >> bob: you didn't do too well. >> andrea: you should come back. we have a game show for you. >> bob: you asked me ridiculous questions. >> andrea: we played a game show. played one with eric, too. rock and load with eric. played a country music quiz with dana. >> eric: congratulations. thank you. >> andrea: the work is very, very hard. >> eric: my turn? >> greg: yes, eric. >> eric: full screen breathe. one more time. there is still time. open hour white house. hashtag it and trend it. trending on and off all day. if you want to twitter. @presssec. that is jay ca
of the service and how it will forever change them. >> it is a beautiful ceremony and a fitting tribute. i happen to know that he worked for porch in santa cruz to four he went to another agency. i will miss him. >> the best we that we can honor those officers that lost their lives is for us to go out and do our best every day every day. >> to see that many people honored us is more than what i can put into words it is uplifting. i know that the hard work is ahead and we have a lot of support out there. for people that care about us. i think that we will get through this. if it causes people to stop, think. what our role is and what it means to return with honor at the end of the day. that is the best possible with a chicken honor these will legacies of these very fine officers the sacrificed everything for their community. >> reporter: this is a photograph of the daughter, gillian. she got out of a limousine to embrace this person along the sidewalk. they had the employees and to me, that shows you how touch to the family is. they have the-embraced --. from inside the service and outside. report
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of changes unless you want to screw with some of the numbers in the report. they really did not do a lot. jeff: this is rallying today based on the report. >> it will still attract a lot of planting this year. we did not change a lot of the numbers. now we are looking at march 28. jeff: tell me about this, this exchange had a lot of funds in, a lot of funds, a lot of investment. >> they got a little bit ahead of themselves. dollar-denominated products should automatically go up. we are going to be inflating. those people had to take their money back out. jeff: we look at soybeans today. also, perish on soybeans. perish on wheat today. the volumes are so thin. it is typical. jeff: scott, appreciate it so much. alwayy nice to see you. what can i tell you. is pretty much just unchanged. tracy: jeff flock, thank you very much. ashley: the safe haven seem to be slipping away as more and more americans are dipping into retirement savings just to get by. the largest mutual fund company says people taking out loans against their account is just 12% said 2008. tracy: america not voted the top cou
at the golden gate bridge. i just saw lane change trucks drive by before we came on the air. right now quiet across the span. and bart has so far all the trains running on time. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> a son-in-law of osama bin laden is set to appear in a new york courtroom less than two hours from now. sulaiman abu ghaith is expected to face terror-related charges. the justice department announced yesterday he was arrested in jordan last week. abu ghaith is considered a top al qaeda operative and served as a spokesman for bin laden. >> he is not a big fish but he's not a little fish. you know, when you catch these guys, they may lead you to the bigger fish. >> south carolina senator lindsey graham and other republicans are criticizing the obama administration, saying abu ghaith should be at guantanamo bay not in a u.s. federal court. >>> an oakland man probably didn't expect his luggage to go through extra security at the airport but tsa agents found 67 pounds of pot in his luggage. the suspect is 21 and had a ticket to south carolina, ch
that the american people want. if you're cutting benefits for disabled veterans, which is what the so-called changed cpi does, or raising taxes on working people, that is a bad bargain. what we have got to fight for and what the american people have been very clear with poll after poll, is that we're lose -- bank in tax havens, we have to fix those loopholes. thomas, i'm not concerned about whether you have a grand bargain tomorrow july or in september, the question is what is fair? when they're doing phenomenally well and the effective tax rates are very, very low, we have to ask them to contribute significant retch, and, by the way, job crazy. real unemployment over 14%. >> senator, i want your take on the republican on republican dissension on the drone program and the filibuster that rand paul, everybody comparing to your fills buster of 2010 a lot of people are talking about what specifically he was talking about. taking on rand paul, and taking him to task for the observations though he was making. this was all an attempt to keep john brennan from being appointed, which he was. >> why not join
. but this week i think exposed some serious changes, if not a rift within the elder wing -- the elder sort of establishment wing of the republican party in the upper chamber. not just on sequester but with the rand paul talky filibuster. >> i was pleased see that picture because normally there's a democrat standing there getting a scowl. >> i've been on elevators like that myself. you know, i think that, you know, i appreciate what senator mccain and senator graham were trying to say. under no circumstances are americans at home in danger of getting shot by a drone from the u.s. government. however, they continue to be a little bit behind the curve of where a broad swath of the american people are. sure, you know, a large majority of the american people believe that we should use drones to go after terrorists abroad, but they also want our constitution protected, and there's a way to do both. that's what the president has been trying to convey. that's ultimately what the attorney general put in his letter yesterday. >> is he fairly brazen. >> it doesn't make it right. just because they did
about those unemployed over -- >> diskournled. >> what is it? 27 weeks or so? >> that's not changing a whole lot and the real negative in the report was that the amount of people who dropped out of the workforce, meaning part of the reason why the rate went down is because fewer people technically working and just because they're not working doesn't mean they don't exist in the country and this i think is going to be a long-term structural issue in this economy, not one that's amenable to short fixes. fwher a short transition of people making stuff to doing stuff. >> we have talked about the notion of the unemployment rate and what that means and getting some of those incredibly low numbers of the past. we are a different country now. >> it will be a long time and giving critics of current policy fodder but i'm not sure this is a government issue as much as this is a general issue. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> great pleasure. following the big decision of the vatican today. the cardinals decided when they'll begin selecting the next pope. the conclave will begin next tuesday, march 12
signed the gay marriage ban into law now says it should be overturned. why the change of heart? >>> and awkward, party of two. a now "new york times" photographer steven crowley captures john mccain and rand paul only moments after mccain slammed paul's made for television filibuster. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live from washington. the stock market soaring to a new record high. the jobless numbers are at a four-ee low, and the washington post chris joins us now along with greg with the economist and cnbc wr this is your specialty, so let's start with you today. let's get behind the numbers, the good, the bad, and any ugly? >> most of bad. excuse me. mostly good. >> good, good, good. >> no ugly that i can see. the number of jobs created quite a bit mo expecting. if you look over the last few months, it looks like we're sustaining job growth from the 150,000 to 200,000 area. more hours means more income, more spending power, but the main thing -- the main take-away p is what's not happening. we are not seeing the economy crumple even though it was hit with big tax increase
will change, and will tell the dancer when to change the step, when to move, how to move, when to stop. when you travel from ethnic group to ethnic group, you will find that--let's say in nigeria with the yoruba, where they have a very tonal language-- they might say, hello "modupwe." so there's a lot of variation in tone-- many of their instruments and their drums, like the donno and the talking drums, they sound just the way they talk. you might hear "do-do do, do-do-do-do-do-do, do." in senegal, the wolof, the people of the mande cultures which is the sousou, malinke, the bambara-- they speak very fast. you might hear, "naga def," so you might hear, "bla ga da, mangi flec, blanka da, blankadi bla dah, bleat bla-bla-bla-bla-bla." so as you could see there's a direct connection with the spoken language, and what is being played, and how you express it on the drum. mandiani is a rhythm that comes out of the old malian empire. the drums and the instruments that they use for the rhythm mandiani come from the djembe orchestra. the djembe orchestra encompasses maybe two or three djembes, usually
rejection of science doesn't just apply to climate change. it also applies to the economy. thanks so much for watching today and all week. chris matthews and "hardball" is next. >>> a left turn on the drones. let's play "hardball." ♪ >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let at the start tonight with this. like a lot of watching you got interested in politics back when nifs school. something about it just grabbed me and it was the basic things, the role of the individual in this country and how we get treated by our government and what role the united states of america should play in the world. if i ever forget vietnam, please remind me and do it loud. so when john mccain blasted rand paul the other day for, quote, stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids in their college dorms, i thought back to when i myself was in one of those college dorms up at holy cross in worcester where people are now under 10 inches of snow. i assume they're arguing about drones up there about the rights of the united states government to use those drones against americans, even americ
of the changes we put in place. dr. andrew weil is a giant in holistic medicine and he's going to be "outfront" tomorrow. anderson cooper 360 starts right now. >> erin, thanks. good evening, everyone. tonight, the jury has more tough questions for jodi arias. by the sound of them, it's not looking good for the defense. the latest from inside the courtroom, and nancy grace, mark geragos, and jeffrey toobin mix it up. >> also, sonya sote omyer went back to the grade school that made her what she is today that now is being closed down. we'll talk to her about that, but we begin tonight with breaking news. >> some solace, however small, for the family of dianna hanson. a short time ago, a coroner said the 24-year-old woman died quickly after she was attacked by a 350-pound lion and she didn't suffer. she died of a broken neck and other neck injuries the preliminary autopsy shows. she was an intern at the wildcat sanctuary where she died. she was working toward a certification that would have classified her for her dream job working at a zoo one day. her family said she loved animals, especially bi
's not clear whether this will do anything to change north korea's behavior immediately. we've heard some hostile rhetoric over the last few days. to borrow u.s. ambassador rice's words the sanctions are designed to bite hard. for instance, there have been cases reported to the u.n. sanctions committee of north korean agents carrying cash in bulk. the effectiveness will depend on how measures are implemented in each country and to make the sanctions work member nations must cooperate in exchanging information regarding north korea's activities and act upon them. >> thanks very much. >> they threatened t u.s. with a preemptive strike. >> the officials said countermeasures will be necessary if the u.s. does not change what they called its hostile attitude. they accused the u.s. of trying to spark a nuclear war. they said they will exercise their right to a preemptive attack on what they called the headquarters of the aggressors. the aurves officer told the crowd that north korea is ready to fire a nuclear missile at washington, d.c. state run tv broadcast the rally. military personnel and c
that the years old, that dinosaurs and people occupied the same time. change. i mean, they've got people like preppers and birthers and god knows whatnot over there. to believe when rand paul says that -- by the way, freedomworks, you remember this clown outfit, paid dick armey an million severance and they get papers out and everything? they're supporting rand paul to the nth degree. for one minute that he doesn't have deep support with all these cockamamie conspiracy theories he's got going and blowing people up in restaurants in houston and bedrooms in bowling green. >> it is so over the top it's outrageous. i've never heard a senator theorize like that on the floor before. ed, you've got ten house members that are on birther bills. you had half the republican presidential field in 2008 denying evolution. i mean, this isn't just some kind of nutty thing -- this is a party -- i'm not saying all of them. but vast numbers believe in some of the weirdest stuff that you can imagine. >> yeah. well, he's definitely playing with his imagination to think -- what's he think, that the military's goin
at facebook headquarters where a big change is coming to your page. we'll show it to you coming up. >> and we're seeing changes in our weather forecast tonight. right now san jose south starting to see light to moderate rate pushing in from san jose downtown down to 101 into morgan hill. very interesting temperatures in our hilltops. cold enough for yes, snow on the radar out around mount hamilton. we'll let you know how long it's sticking around and the forecast when we come right back. sergeant. >> silicon valley giant cat who is the turning things around. ma ris sass maier is looking at a seven-figure bonus after a few months on the job. she'll receive $1.1 million for her 5 1/2 months at the helm. it supplements her annual salary of $1 million. and she also gets $56 mlion in long-term stock compensation that she received after yahoo! lured her away from google last july. she has redesigned the homepage, instituted new policies and the share prices are up 46%. >> this is about the time when facebook users start complaining. a march change is coming specifically the news feed. scott budman
we go from here. (applause) >> we change policy of the city. we change policy, and we start to be progressive, truly progressive about the policies we push to make african americans feel welcomed in this city. so, where do we go from here? we start to make aggressive efforts to educate our young people. we take ownership of our community. we take ownership of our children. we support each other instead of pointing the finger. where do we go from here? (applause) >> there is much work to do. as supervisor cohen and i cannot do it alone, we need your support. we need your encouragement. so, as we celebrate black history month, we need to reflect and understand and appreciate our history. it is a rich history, one that has made san francisco a great city. it is our time to shape the course of history as we speak by making a change in our great city. so, i'm going to be looking to you all in this audience to be advocates, to be supporters. where do we go from here? our time is now to change the course of history in san francisco. thank you all so much. [cheering and applauding]
the american people. i think what you saw was a changing of the guard. you heard this all day. i do think you see ted cruz, senator from texas. marco rubio from florida. and rand paul from kentucky. that is the new guard. old guard is mccain, lindsey graham, mitch mcconnell. i got to say, guys, when you look at it, the republicans, conservatives who would you rather have going forward representing you? the new young bucks -- they got it going on. by the way, for the record, mr. mccain after all this came out and said he thought rand paul was wrong for doing what he did. scratching my head all day why don't you embrace the young guys instead of continueed infighting? >> kimberly: it's interesting how it is lined up with who is pro and con versus a display of democracy. so what do you think about it? young guns? young bucks? what does this happen on libertarian island? >> greg: i'm still thinking 12 hours without peeing. that is a leak the white house is happy about. the big story here is not about the old or the new guard in my opinion. it's turning president obama to dean wermer. he is the ba
the said change. black is on the left, and white is on the right, now, this would get the i key response as opposed to the e, and now there is an blackface coming up, and i would just practice this task, and a new combined task, so there would be a bunch of these, and then along comes this, and the first time i saw this one, i was amazingly poor at performing this task. i had to give the same response to black faces and pleasant words with my left hand and white faces and unpleasant words with my right and, and whereas i was passed in the previous one, with the combined task, i was slow on this one. i could understand what. we may have one more, this may be the last one. this would get it. but the problem was, i later discovered, is that this is difficult for me because i must have in my head associations more of white with pleasant than black with pleasant, and that is how it turned out, how this became a measure of a strength of those associations. >> -- tavis: so how does it feel as a researcher, as a scientist to have to challenge, to come face-to-face with your own bias es. >> it wa
we should adhere to the basic state policy of a family winning response to changing and the size of china's total population. we should solve problems relating to size, health, structure, and geographical distribution of the population and promote long-term population developments. that will produce and protect the rights we should make changes in social management and improve the way government provide social services and strengthen the services at community levels and improve self governance by villages to ensure that people directly exercise their democratic rights in accordance with below by managing community level public affairs and running public-service programs. we should reform the management system for social organization and guide orderly development. we should establish a sound mechanism for safeguarding people's rights and interests, ofrove the integrated system mediation system by the people and traditional mediation. we should carry out reform of the handling of people's complaints about legal and litigation-related issues. should maintain open and regular channel
on your bill making many changes at my request. they have made the bill better and reduced the negative side effects of previous versions. i trust you think so as well because you have included the changes in the new bill. the new bill in your substitute amendment also included a revised bill by senators gillibrand and kirk on the subject of gun trafficking. those revisions also reflect changes that i asked senator gillibrand to make, and i think it would be worthwhile to outline all the changes that have been made to the bill since they were first introduced. i think they demonstrate good faith of the chairman and senator gillibrand. for instance, senator gillibrand's bill originally would have made it a federal crime to transfer two or more guns if that person knew that the result would be a violation of state or local law. that would have given states and localities a one-way incentive to address new gun control measures and force the cost of prosecution and incarceration on the federal government. it also would have created for the first time a situation in which violation of state
passengers every day and they're rightly protesting this bone-headed change as is the federal law enforcement officers association. and how long until the nra get in and says, hey, air travelers being unarmed is a threat to their civil liberties. most of the policy change makes sense. now you can bring on board souvenir baseball bats, pool cues, golf clubs, but still no box cutters, no razor blades, no knives that don't fold and no water from outside because stuff. some said the change to allow small pocket knives comes because they're not dangerous. oh. others said small knives are hard for the tsa to detect. so allowing them lowers the tsa's failure rate. oh, that, boys and girls, is what you call moving the goalposts. the tsa's job is to make us safer. this does not do that. and frankly it contributes to my sense that they're doing this sort of kabuki theater or security theater. the faa is also not keeping us safer with the absurd continuation of the ban on using electronic devices during takeoff and landing. why can i read a book, a printed book, but not an ereader? because it emits elec
changed to a new standard but not everyone is clear to what it is? >> well, i think it's really hard to reconstruct what it is because even if one wanted to do a historical look -- >> it's whatever we say it is then. >> well, the jobs have changed. even if we have said a laundry worker is equivalent to a data entry operator. the laundry worker doesn't exist anymore and it was merged into another classification. the data entry operator doesn't exist anymore. we had 20 years of collective bargaining and unions making different decision how to spend the money and seiu decided to do one thing and they had obligations and laying a pure salary analysis is collective bargaining like things in the last contract health premiums. unions have different provisions about premiums, about all kinds of things, and it's somewhat driven by the market. it's driven by the decision in bargaining. to enroll 20 years of collective bargaining and say we should maintain the relationship that existed in 1994 or whatever year we pick because apparently those relationships changed over a 10 year period is
with local 400. local 400 became 790 and today now it's 1021 i didn't go anywhere and had a lot of change and it was on pay inequities and thanks for the fact base summary of it is issues and paying a lot to the attention to the period i was here doing the work so i can skip that and make a couple of quick key points. first of all the 1981 declaration of city policy by this board that no longer would the city tolerate race discrimination based on race and sex was a policy separate to any implementation approach so in my view that is a long standing one today and any proposal to over turn it, roll it back by imposing discriminatory wages by classifications with people of color and women is in not with the policy and you have to protect your rights and i am surprised it's on the board today and the board after hearing evidence based on years of study, two major studies. one referenced and conducted by our own gail butler who was a professor of economics. the board held hearings and took testimony so the policy is well reasond and continues. dianne feinstein as mayor acknowledged it and i
after that. >> march 13th, we changed it a bit, so on the second wednesday we meet now but not on the third wednesday. so would it be possible to hear it on march, am i seeing this right? you will be gone, i am seeing. i think that it is february still. >> so we are looking at april third? would that work? >> that is fine with us. >> okay. >> so april third for the pursuit driving dgo. >> i mean the only caviot with that is if the poa wants to meet and confer on the policy changes and that scheduling then may have its own course that might delay a little bit. but there is a legal obligation to provide notice of the change and confer with the oa request. >> and since we are a month out, hopefully that is enough time for them to respond. sometimes it is hard to put all of the schedules together. for the people who need to be there. okay. >> for now, april third. >> thank you. >> commissioner kingsley? >> i would like to also schedule on the april third, meeting the scheduling resolution. commissioner turm an and i have been working with the city attorney katie porter for
, start from the bottom. he gave me a job and it changed my whole life. when i walked out, he told me come back the next day i was hired. when i walked out of there, i said i was going to find me some [speaker not understood] in this community and that's what i did. so, what i did, i developed a website, home boy hotline, i went and got the 501(c) (3) and i found 20, i got 10 to 25 employers all over the bay area that's willing to hire people, to shelter, in the tenderloin, i got a couple telemarketing places. also i deal with on the private industry council in oakland, i deal with western community center, i deal with hospitality house, downtown in san francisco. these places help you get your resume together. and what i did also, i went and found all the websites that would offer job training. i just put everything on one website, any type of place that would help you with a legal resource and housing, i found a place in oakland, let you stay there for 18 months and you can get truck driving skills, construction trade. upon release a lot of people don't want to go back to the same enviro
to be rising out of the change in the catholic mass, the roman mass, from the latin mass to the english mass, or at least as it's celebrated in the united states, was the loss of the mystery and the symbolism that was inherent in latin, and that was just, removed from the mythic realm - if you want to call that mythic at least from the ritual aspect. >> yeah. it's dangerous to take too much tradition out of the mythic realm, and i think you're so right with the latin. if you've heard the chanting, the gregorian chants in latin, there is something that's more, mysterious in that way. i think you're really right, because it comes out of that ancient format. yeah, janet? >> i attended a ritual over the weekend. i was with a kidney operation survivor's group, and one of their members had passed away, so they had a spiritual - it was a nondenominational kind of thing. she had one big candle and she had five little candles, a candle for memory and a candle for joy and a candle for suffering, a candle for all these things. each of the five people who knew this woman who had died lit one of the litt
changed because of it. and more americans are alive because of it. and they are not being held accountable so far. but maybe that can change. now it is time for the last boa word with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >> last year paul ryan was dreaming of having walking working lunches in the white house. and today his dream came true sort of. >> there is new hope for a grand bargain. >> to tackle the nation's soaring deficit. >> it was serious and face-to-face. >> i see the president reaching out. >> this is what the american people want. >> the mood was very positive. >> we are willing to talk. >> 2012 vp candidate congressman paul ryan. >> we have bipartisan activity. >> this is what the american people want. >> did one dinner break the ice? yoo all they need is a hug and a lun. >> we have bipartisan activity. >> is that washington bologna. >> the dinner is sad but it makes sense. ♪ >> last night spontaneity broke out. >> i will speak as long as it takes. >> if you are sitting at a cafe they shouldn't drop a missile on your experience. >> with the help of a few colleagues. >> t
for the next ten years and none of this, no amount of dinners changes the structural sentence here. >> i feel like we are in a new pattern here. one shame and two smoke. >> he has been explicit of kicking things up stairs. the senate passes the bill and kicks it down to the house and it becomes so shameful for boehner and the republicans sweep into pass the bill that they don't have to have their fingerprints on it. >> bill o'reilly said, let's take one more look at that. >> he is cutting medicare. >> no, that is not specific. he has to say, here are the programs that are going to go down. here is how we are going to reform social security and the man -- hold it. because now i'm getting teed off at you. give me one darn program that he said he would cut. not entitlements one program. because you are lying. >> chris, it is tradition di. it is comedy. bill o'reilly was speaking for most republicans in congress and probably every republican voter out there who listens to them. a that is true. b, the game plan here is hilarious to me. they say look, we need the president to do, is basically shoot
, saturday. >> i mean, based unless it changes and the type of parties and we are not having these issues, 1:50 at this point, i think for me it is reasonable and it is not a big place but then there is an upstairs and down stairs you do need a number of certain people to handle this kind of space with this kind of event. >> okay. >> i like that idea of changing a little bit but i also like the idea of possibly coming back and do it in another six months to talk about this again. >> okay, any other questions for officers moore? >> thank you. >> i am opening up the floor to public comment, to recondition to amend the conditions of the permit of neck of the woods, 406 clement street. >> my name is stefhano, castalato and our firm is working closely with choy and the police department, this operator was under close scrutiny and from the entertainment commission. they got in trouble when they had poor communication and now the communication lines are excellent. they got in trouble when they hired outside promoters and now they do their internal promotions themselves. they got in trouble when the
the defendant with hundreds of questions about her boyfriend's murder including why her version of event changed three times and why she can't remember some of the most gruesome details. >> how can you say you don't have memory issues when you can't remember how you stabbed him so many times and slashed his throat? >> well, i think that i have a good memory. june 4 is an anomaly for me. i don't think that i have memory issues that are any different from another average person. >> arizona is one of just three states that allows jurors to question witnesses at a criminal trial. >>> several florida beaches are open this morning after thousands of sharks prompted life guards to close them. the sharks are migrating up the coast as the water with starts to warm for the summer. this happens every year which is scary to think about. deerfield beach was one of the cled shorelines because of the shark sightings. >>> another close encounter today. scientists say another asteroid, this one the size of a football field, will whiz past earth this happening. this is happening just days after a smaller rock mad
changes directions all of a sudden the wind will change another direction and blow you across into the other lane. >> reporter: the storm also left parts of new york wind whipped and blanketed under show. on the new jersey shore the battered coastline saw some of the worst flooding since superstorm sandy. >> it's devastating, devastating to see the towns go through this all over again when they're trying to get it together and come back. >> reporter: this is the latest in a series of winter storms that hammered the region in the last month and has many looking forward to spring. >> they're saying 50 degrees by the weekend so i'm looking forward to that. it's been a rough winter. >> reporter: so the forecasters say this is going to continue for the rest of the morning, and then the storm is supposed to move out to sea. it's supposed to be nice here this weekend. >> not going to happen. jim axelrod thank you. >>> in europe's westchester count county in new york drivers are facing slick roads up to six inches of snow are expected there. meteorologist jeff gir
don't know about. it doesn't change my opinion. no matter what anybody says, i love drones. you hear that, drones? stephen love you. >> good morning. that's a wintry mix if i've ever seen one here in new york city on this friday, march the 8th. with us on set, msnbc "time" magazine senior political analyst, mark halperin. national affairs editor for "new york" magazine and msnbc political analyst, john heilemann. "fortune's" assistant managing editor leigh gallagher, analyst and the former democratic congressman from tennessee, harold ford jr. and in washington, another msnbc political analyst, former chair of the rnc, mr. michael steele. good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> good morning, sir. >> i like sitting next to you, mark halperin. >> you look good. >> the two of us. joe and mika have the day off. this is america's most beloved morning team for years now. halperin and geist. america's sweethearts. you're going to love it. did you see this photograph on the front page of "the new york times"? i think we have it full screen. that is an awkward moment in the senate elevat
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